1. 086 with Nihal Ramchandani [Syllabus | Brooklyn]

    Smoldering techno, meditative electronics and more from one of New York’s truest believers - Highly Recommended!

    1. Jon Hassell “Toucan Ocean” [Lovely Music]
    2. J.D. Emmanuel “Visions During Movement” [North Star Productions]
    3. Jan Jelinek “Vibraphonspulen” [~scape]
    4. Demdike Stare “Rain & Shame” [Modern Love]
    5. Plastikman “In Side” [M_nus]
    6. Voices from the Lake “Meikyu” [Prologue]
    7. Decoside “Reload 2” [Eclipsemusic]
    8. Zemi17 “Wordless Missing” [Unreleased]
    9. Jonsson/Alter “Acapellan (Donato Dozzy Remix)” [Kontra-Musik]
    10. STL “Getting Deeper” [Perlon]
    11. Unknown Artist “Blua” [Comfortable Records]
    12. Scott Grooves “Classic 909 (Panther TR Dub)” [Natural Midi]
    13. Efdemin “Nightrain (Fred P Reshape)” [Dial]
    14. Maurizio “M6” [Maurizio]
    15. Omar-S “Still Serious Nic” [FXHE Records]
    16. Robert Hood “The Grey Area” [M-Plant]
    17. Kassem Mosse “Inswanns” [Nonplus]
    18. Stewart Walker “Slowness” [Force Inc. Music Works]
    19. Mint “Psycholka” [Profan]
    20. Apathism “Vol. 3” [Apathism]
    21. Omar-S “Motor-City-Jackpot!!” [FXHE Records]
    22. Jeff Pietro & Israel Vines “Oscillate” [Borrowed Language]
    23. Plastikman “Elektrix” [M_nus]
    24. Hiroaki Iizuka “Haze” [Coda Records]
    25. Jeff Mills “Drift With The Direction Of The Flow” [Axis]
    26. Lucy “Milgram Experiment” [Stroboscopic Artefacts]